3 Girls Determined to Find Love

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Shown from left to right:   Hailey “The Romantic”, Bridgette “The Cynic”, and Lynn “The Realist”

Welcome to our blog.  We’re just 3 girls determined to find love and we’re here to share our stories.  While on the road to the perfect match we did end up mis-matched a few times.  Love always makes for a sweet story but the road trip getting there sometimes holds all the fun.  We didn’t have a map and only asked for directions when feeling lost was brought on by a one of “those” dates.   So, join our journey as we blog our way through the good, the bad and the crazy mis-matched times of our lives.  We’re considering it cheap therapy until we get the book deal.  But bring your stories and share in this social experiment.  Lets all read what we have done because we’ve probably all been there and can relate.  As we take you on our journey, we hope you’ll take us along on yours too.  So please email us your experiences at 3girlsloveonline@gmail.com and we’ll show everyone that most people have their share of “interesting dates”;  you’re not the only one.

A little about us:

Hailey -“The Romantic”, 38 – Married for 10 years, divorced for 4.  I was determined to really & truly fall in love once & for all.  As such, I made it my full time job to find my soul mate.  I signed up for Match.com with excitement, and couldn’t wait to go ‘shopping’.  I lost count of how many dates I went on over the years, but I can tell you that it was more than anyone else I’ve talked to about it.  My guess is 400+?  I had to keep a spreadsheet to keep myself organized.  There were many days that I went on multiple dates (coffee, lunch, drinks, you get the picture) – even one day I topped out at 5 dates – that was exhausting.  Please mind you that I didn’t sleep with everyone, or many for that matter, I wasn’t looking for a booty call, just trying to weed out the options to find my soul mate.  After 2 1/2 years, I found my soul mate, the love of my life.  And yes, we met on Match.com.  I knew the instant I saw him that this was the real deal, the one for me.  So much so, that I invited him to join me last minute on a trip to the Caribbean I was leaving for that evening- sounds crazy and foolish, I know.  We spent a fabulous week together, which further cemented the fact that we were meant for each other.  We moved in together after 6 months, and are now just at the 19 month mark and engaged to be married next year.  Good things come to those who wait.

Lynn -“The Realist”. I am 10 years older than Hailey, 48 and not really looking for “romantic true love”. I am looking for enduring love and believe that love can be found with more than one person in a life time… but will it last, that is the question!

In 1996 I married a guy I met in a nursing home. Yes, I know how this sounds but it’s true. He was 35 not 95 by the way.  An affair 6 years later with his high school sweetheart, was a big surprise. I divorced nursing home guy, moved to CO and  I swore off men for a year. Next came Mr. Blind Date. He was an engineer, predictable, comfortable and safe and I stayed with him for 5 years.  At 42 I finally decided to stop being afraid and get out there and date.  My dear friend Hailey talked me into online dating and helped me get through the many steps of dating profile development.

Unlike Hailey, I was nervous and had a hard time putting this profile together.  Finding just the right pictures and creating a witty online name is not my style.  I decided  eHarmony would be a better fit since  it takes more time and money to join. Perhaps this would help me weed out the serious daters from the lookers.  These men would be more serious about the whole dating process.  I tried Match.com at some point too but had the best connections through eHarmony.

Dating was like a second job with all the emails, question and answer sessions, coffee dates and trying to look cute after a full day working.   Who has the time for a job and dating?  I didn’t date as often as Hailey (not even close) with only 1 or 2 dates a week!  It’s been 5+ years now and I have no regrets, after all, it gave me some great stories to tell about the men I met along the way.  I have always known that this great adventure would be a good story.  It seems that all my married friends want to hear about my dates and all my dating friends love to laugh and compare stories over a glass of wine.  I would love to hear your stories and share them with the on-line dating community.

You might wonder- am I still single after 5+ years?  Yes – sort of!  I am in a very good relationship that emerged from an EHarmony online date – so I am hopeful and only time will tell…

Bridgette -“The Cynic”. To piggy back off of Hailey,  I guess I could start with, “Wait and you shall see”…want and you’ll go blind.

To piggy back off of Lynn, she can be hopeful, I’ll remain the cynic with a good heart.

I have waited for the proverbial “man” bus, as told, if I don’t like that one there will be another in 10 minutes.   The buses come and go and I am still holding onto my token looking for a good ride.

Or like fish, the sea if full of them.  At this point, I think my cardiologist would be happy with my Omega 3 levels.

I am old-ish – 47 and many a dating story to tell.   Tall stories and short stories – and yes in both senses of the word.   I have been to the barn and back – literally.  I dated a guy from Iowa.  Oh and around the block too.   I dated a runner.  More about me, I was married for 8 years and loved it.  I was young and thought this is so amazing and awesome and came to me so easily.  If this doesn’t work out I can just as easily find another.   Oh to be young and naive.   Ignorance is bliss.   Got divorced 15 years ago, thinking I would find another so easily.  Now after a few failed engagements and some long term sleep overs, am still single.   Just ended a 2 ½ year slumber party.  So, getting back out there and kissing some toads while looking for my prince holds no magical charm.  I’d rather eat the apple.  The one laced with sleeping poison not evil. I like sleeping.  I like being naked. I like being naked and sleeping.   I don’t like snakes.  So many of my findings, err, stories are here for the taking, reading and sharing.   Enjoy with a knowing wink and nod because we have all been there.  Boys and girls alike.  Not boyz and grllzz – that’s a different conversation all together.