No Gold At The End Of This Rainbow

This story still makes us girls laugh as we re-tell it over the years.  In fact, we were just talking about this a few days ago.

I met a guy on Match and we emailed for several weeks but hadn’t had a chance to meet.  One evening, us 3 girls were at happy hour, and after a few drinks decided that it would be a good idea to extend the invitation to him as well.  Lovely first impression I see in hindsight.  Anyhow, he joins us, the drinks and conversations are flowing, and it’s surprisingly comfortable for all of us.  He says he’s Irish, and we all start talking about Irish nicknames and laughing.  It turns into a really fun night for everyone.

Fast forward- after the “date”, I’m talking with Lynn, and she says that she thinks he looks like a leprechaun.  Says he’s so cute, but his build, ears and nose remind her of a leprechaun.  She goes on to ask me more about him, specifically where he works.  I thought for a moment, paused, and started cracking up.  I could barely get out the words… “Shamrock Foods”.  It didn’t occur to me until that moment, and it struck us both so funny.  How ironic?

Fast forward- to my next date with him.  I look down at his shoes, and although they’re nice “going out” shoes, they happen to be the style where the toes curl up.  I just about lost it at that moment.   Despite the leprechaun likeness, he turned out to be a super nice guy, and we dated for about 7 months until things fizzled out.  I didn’t find a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow.

Posted by Hailey (“The Romantic”)

  • mismatched3

    Hailey, You forgot to mention his shillelagh! That was the funny nickname he was using for his penis- and told us all about it the night we met – the “1st date”! Needless to say when I referred to Hailey’s new Boyfriend I called him Mr. Shillelagh. I had to give special names to all of Hailey’s dates if they lasted more than 3 so I could keep them straight in conversation. Believe me this girl had lots of dates too. Mr. Ferrari, The Pilot, Yoga Man…should I go on.:) Lynn

    A shillelagh (/ʃɨˈleɪli/ shi-LAY-lee or /ʃɨˈleɪlə/ shi-LAY-lə; Irish: sail éille [ˈsalʲ ˈeːl̠ʲə], a cudgel with a strap) is a wooden walking stick and club or cudgel, typically made from a stout knotty stick with a large knob at the top, that is associated with Ireland and Irish folklore