Mis-Matched with the perfect guy. By Lynn

Have you ever met the perfect guy but just had no chemistry at all? I met the perfect man. Everyone has their own definition of the perfect man. For me Mr. Perfect had a warm sincere smile, easy personality, the ability to have funny smart conversation and a love for life. He had a wonderful job and did not hate it. Rare.  He had two kids and loved to spend time with them…He loved to travel and actually traveled. He had friends, tons of friends, and could talk with anyone about anything.  We instantly clicked on our first date and talked for hours. I remember thinking; this is why I have been going through all this online dating homework, so I could to meet a great guy like this. He was a little larger than I usually date but he fit his frame well and had an amazing head of hair and deep blue eyes. Dates 2 and 3 were just as fun and easy, yet we had not kissed. He was a little shy in that department. Date 4, driving in the BMW convertible after dinner at sunset he grabbed my hand and smiled at me. I should have had that feeling, you know that feeling of initial excitement and tingle like “I am excited to be with you and I want to kiss you” but all I could think of was I felt nothing.  NOTHING. Then I started that self-talking….You know the talking you do in your head that no one hears but you…”Am I just being guarded from my last break up?”,” Am I just nervous?”,”Am I too picky?”…Trying to stay relaxed and just go with the moment, I smiled and held his hand all the way back home. When we arrived, I leaned over and kissed him. He smiled and leaned in for more and I knew …Nothing. Damn. Why…He was perfect. Has that ever happened to you??


  • (Almost) Perfect Guy

    Hi Lynn! I remember, a few months after I started on eHarmony, I met this woman online and we had such an incredible connection! I love being on a date where hours pass without notice, and that was the experience on our first date. Our 2nd and 3rd dates were equally as fun. She was smart and very attractive! She ran her own business and took pride in her work. She shared my love of travel. I met some of her friends and she met some of mine – everything felt easy and comfortable. Despite all the good feelings, for some reason that I didn’t quite understand, I wasn’t picking up any strong feelings of chemistry. After a nice drive in my convertible on a beautiful spring day we kissed…and it just wasn’t there. Sigh. I was new to online dating and still not yet very trusting of my intuition, but my date knew it right away. When she called a few days later to say so, she was every bit as wonderful and nice as the day I met her – and acknowledging the truth didn’t seem hard or wrong. I walked away actually feeling very good about myself and this bold process ahead of me, looking for the right combination of chemistry and compatibility. I’m very grateful to have met you Lynn and thank you for thinking of me as your (almost) perfect guy! Best wishes to you and thanks so much for the experience!

    • Lynn

      Classy even online djb-9! I hope you will share some of your stories as well. I know you have a few. Lets catch up in person soon!