Men are like chocolate and not coffee…. By Bridgette

Men are like chocolate and not coffee….

We all know the old adage about how do you like your man – like my coffee.  Check the little boxes on the side of your paper cup for the man of your dreams.  Maybe.   Now if you’re a fancy coffee drinker you may know what a venti, no foam with room looks like but, I don’t.  Is he tall, hairless in baggy pants?  So, instead of coffee as my guideline I’m going to use chocolate.   I like my men like I like my chocolate; fancy, dark and bitter.  Not the less expensive kind of chocolate which can be a little too sweet, have a fake outer layer and be full of useless fillers.   And you can always pick out the nuts if you get the wrong kind.

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    Bridgette you have a way with words my friend.??? Am I sensing a little bit of dating frustration this evening…Hmmm? Lynn