Perfect on Paper?


This guy was “Perfect on Paper”, as the saying goes.   A successful doctor, family man, handsome, personable, funny, the list went on.   Oh, and did I mention he said he was on good terms with his ex-wife?  Yes, I thought this one could possibly go somewhere.  After several weeks, he invited me to his house to watch a movie and meet his boys.  I felt comfortable enough to do this, so accepted the offer.  He was a perfect gentleman, his boys seemed sweet.  While watching the movie, I started looking around the room.  I noticed family pictures – which included a woman.  Hmmm, something seemed fishy.  I got up to go to the bathroom; one of those full bathrooms that included a shower.  Yes, that’s important to this story.  I peeked inside the shower & saw long hair on the shower wall, and tons of women’s products.  Keep in mind, this is a house full of boys – so where did all of this women’s stuff come from?  I returned to watch the movie, very skeptical at this point, and noticed that all of the family pictures that I had just seen 5 minutes prior were all now gone.  Weird!  I asked him point blank about what I had seen.  He sheepishly told me that he was just separated.  Ummm, did he think I wouldn’t notice the pictures and long hair and beauty products?  I’m not so sure that he was even separated.  And what was with the “on good terms with the ex-wife” comment about?  That was my cue to leave & never talk to him again.