Stretching the Truth


His online profile description said he was a banker, with an athletic body type and pictures to prove it.  Good looking and successful – those were starting points anyway, albeit shallow, but starting points nonetheless.  We decided to meet.  First off, “athletic” is NOT how I would describe him.  Did he misinterpret the question and list his body type as athletic because he played golf?  Well, this guy was carrying at least 20 lbs more than any of his pictures showed.  Did he think I wouldn’t notice?  I’ve never understood the misrepresentation of body type, but have heard dozens of stories from men & women alike that people are not necessarily the same in person as they represent themselves online.

Telling myself that looks aren’t everything; it’s what’s inside that matters, I decided not to run away and would give him the benefit of the doubt.  A few minutes into our conversation, I learn that his occupation as a banker actually translated to his being a bank teller at the bank’s branch inside Albertsons.  Wow, this guy was really creative with his description.

Aside from these ‘slight’ exaggerations, we didn’t have any chemistry, and conversation was seriously lacking.  Waiting as long as I deemed polite, I finally left.  Then he tried to kiss me!  Did he not see how disastrous this date really was? Maybe he was just clueless… or hopeful?  Yuck- not a chance!  As we drove off in our separate directions, I heard a “beep beep” honk to get my attention.  It was him, waving at me from his ancient KIA.  Icing on the cake…

As I write this, I realize how shallow I must sound… overweight bank teller that drives a KIA.  That’s really not what this is about.  I’m not a gold digging, appearances focused girl.  But, chemistry and honesty are two must-haves.