Just Shy or Not Interested?

A good friend of mine passed her story along…


I worked with a guy that I had a huge crush on.  Still do, actually.  It’s always been a casual, just friends sort of relationship, but secretly I hoped it may eventually turn into something.  Well, the time had come, maybe?  He invited me to his best friend’s wedding.  I searched for the perfect dress, something to make me look hot and hopefully break me out of the ‘friend zone’.  Now I just had to wait… 2 weeks until that day.

In the meantime, he asked me out to dinner.  We had a nice friendly dinner, but he always acted so awkward around me, and that night was no exception.  He wasn’t at all flirty or ‘touchy-feely’.  When it came time to leave, he put his hands in his pockets and swayed back and forth like he didn’t know how the end the date.  And that was that.

Several days later (still prior to the wedding), he invited me to go to the zoo with him.  At last, this is a date… or so I was hoping.  It was another friendly outing with him.  Was he interested in me romantically, or was I just a friend?  I couldn’t seem to decipher where this was going.  Again, the fidgety awkwardness came at the end of the date.

The big day arrived.  This was my chance to show him that I wasn’t just one of the guys, I was his beautiful date.  Well, same story.  More awkwardness.  I guess this isn’t going where I had hoped it would.  I’m stuck in the dreaded friend zone.  The bright side is that I now have a sexy little black dress to wear for another occasion.